Remote Material of Implication

Exhibition contribution / 2010 / Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven

For the Van Abbemuseum’s Architecture Day project Instatements our studio was asked to present a position on how cities should address the evacuation of former industrial sites in their centers. We found that it is not only the industry that is leaving from the city, but all various sorts of transformative – manipulative – work. Our paths most likely oscillate between home and the centers of shopping and leisure, between which work is the bridge, and as production becomes increasingly remote and obscure, we find fewer and fewer workshops that can fix electronics or repair broken chairs. This polarity is the urban installation of the consumer model.

To evoke the idea of a city in which production and manipulation have equal part among dwelling and commerce, we produced a bouwbord, a construction billboard, by hand and installed it in a brown-field that was at the time subject to “development.” The appropriation of this structure that usually heralds the end of a capital-driven decision process was thus made in a process that stemmed less from (re-)production and more from manipulation, from a tweaking of tools and re-purposing of material that must be stimulated if the citizen is not to degrade into a user.

Contribution to Instatements, an exhibition on the future of the post-industrial city, 2010. Support structure and billboard (W 7m × H 5m) with silk screen print in seven colors, accompanying documents. Instatements program curated by Clare Butcher/Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven and Uri Ben-Ari, presented on occasion of the Dutch Day of Architecture 2010. Exhibition catalogue published by Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven. With Pierre Tectin, Garance Echazarreta, François Dumas, Gero Asmuth, Erasmus Scherjon