Holmas Table

Furniture / 2013 / Private commission

I got the commission to design a table for a private client who wanted to accompany it with a group of Hans Jørgensen Wegner’s CH24 chairs. For much of the strength of Wegner’s work stems from his training as a cabinet maker, my interest was in how I could reply to his joinery from a background in totally different things. I drew the table in a basically 2D shape that relates to the industrial saw mill and otherwise to a relatively simple machine environment. The slab structure lets the eye walk off easily and occupies a space opposite of Wegner’s compositions, which it effectively complements. Related to Wegner’s idiom are the fine-tuned angles of the legs that reveal a silent but complex dynamic when one moves about the piece.

Material solid oak. Production Petri Koivusipilä. Photography Jussi Särkilahti