Kolding School of Design Graduation 2013

Curating / 2013 / Kolding School of Design

I was invited to curate the 2013 graduation exhibition of Kolding School of Design, a programmatically determined, carefully composed and almost motherly organization, and one of the two national design academies of Denmark. When I began working on the project, it felt appropriate that both for the humane characteristics of the program and the fact that I dislike exhibitions of this kind that serve the institution more than the graduates I align my approach with the individual graduates and their ambitions setting out into their careers.

I asked in an initial workshop how they each wished their practice to develop after having left the frame of the academy. There emerged different “wills” from this that I felt characterized the designers better, on a more intimate layer of temperament, than any single piece of their production. These became the structure of the show.

In KRYDSNING (crossing), projects were shown that dealt with conflicts of all sorts. RADIUS grouped works that aimed at expanding practical reach in technique, method or technology. FUNDAMENTET (the foundation) showed projects that set to inspect fundamental concepts, mechanisms and conditions such as infrastructure, perception, tradition, construction of identity etc. VÆLD (abundance, overflow) joined work that proposed for a sensual dealing with the environment.

To defy scale and save the show from suffocating in the imposing mass of Koldinghus castle, the display was realized by the graduates themselves, in a dimension that challenged the stage as much as their construction experience, in an intense two-week production effort for which we used a mere 8.000 Euros in equipment and material.

Curation, design, technical planning and production. Photography Jacob Keinicke, Palle Peter Skov